Our Objective

The objective of the Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP) is to engage in a strategic dialogue with international associations which centers on their global development objectives and plans in a long-term, sustainable perspective.

Ultimately, we want international associations to be able to roll out their international expansion strategy and take advantage of the local opportunities in the partner hubs in a manner which is simple, well-coordinated and highly convenient.

Our Unique Value Proposition

  • We provide a single point of contact, a unique touchpoint for our regions of the world and assign a dedicated account manager to your International Association, as you seek to expand globally out of one of our hubs.
  • We listen and make sure we have a holistic view and strategic understanding of your mission, vision, planned mix of activities, and objectives in terms of your meetings, membership, education, publications, and so on.
  • We know “whom to talk to about what” and personalize our proposal and approach to suit your specific needs.
  • We go beyond just providing information; we facilitate your access to local and regional institutions, government and administrations, the business community, scientific bodies and the media.
  • We connect you with the key players in your field, inside our hubs and our respective hinterlands.
  • We clearly spell out the competitive clusters we wish to grow as knowledge hubs :

Healthcare and Life SciencesXXXX
Technology & ICTXXXX
Business & Financial ServicesXXXX
Innovation, CleanTech & Urban SolutionsXXXX
Tourism & HospitalityXXXX
Media & Creative Industries, LifestyleXX
Transport, Aerospace & LogisticsXXX
Advanced ManufacturingX
  • We help you develop win-win partnerships which make your organization and our clusters more competitive as we grow together.
  • We invest in developing our intellectual capital, add value, act as accelerators, and engage in growing our clusters internationally.
  • We partner with local economic development agencies to ensure alignment around your growth objectives.
  • We share business intelligence within our partnership and help each other with experience and best practice in cluster sectors.
  • We have the legal framework within which associations can establish themselves and expand internationally out of our hubs: not-for-profit sector licensing and regulations.
  • We provide the business environment you need to set up and operate efficiently in an independent and sustainable perspective, particularly finance and banking, human resources and logistics.
  • We offer an association-friendly work environment, from incubator to easy and cost-effective incentive schemes: office space, logistics and administrative support, promotion, etc.
  • We provide the full range of association management services through our private partners who operate their own regional activities out of our hubs.
  • We enjoy a truly cosmopolitan environment which makes it easy to recruit diverse, well-trained and versatile staff.
  • We partner with local and regional association communities to elevate the association executive profession through tailored peer-to-peer executive development programs and informal networking.
  • We provide a global platform for peer-to-peer education and dialogue including forums, roundtable discussions, VIP events and club activities.
  • We educate association executives around our cultural differences, thereby contributing to associations becoming truly global players.
  • We leverage our partners’ regional and cultural diversity through our partnership.
  • We help your international association to expand its reach and presence globally, and build its capabilities to grow your member and customer base, and increase revenue.
  • We also improve your ROI by helping you save on set-up costs.
  • We offer numerous opportunities for your organization to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy.
  • We keep an open dialogue with senior representatives of the association executive community around the world.
  • We provide evidence of our track record through testimonials and success stories on our website and confirm our status as global association hubs through research and statistical updates